Alex & Thuy’s Andreotti Farm Sunflower Field Proposal

Sunflowers are a favorite of Thuy’s, and Alex wanted to propose to her at a place filled with them. Surprisingly (at least for me), there seem to be very few places to find sunflowers around here. Andreotti Farm in Half Moon Bay is one of the few sunflower fields in the Bay Area, certainly the biggest, and they grew as far as my eye could see — there was even a patch that grew as high as eight feet tall!

As Alex, Thuy, and Lassen (their very cute, very soft dog who exhibited an intense hunger for sunflower leaves) drove over to the field to catch the golden hour there, we walked around and enjoyed the fields ourselves — we even brought our kids, who not only had a great time picking sunflowers, but also served as excellent surprise proposal photographer decoys — making a fun family day out of it. When the couple arrived, we sprung into action, capturing this special moment between them, plus Lassen of course 🙂 Congrats to the happy family!!