Warren & Jenn’s SF Bookstore Surprise Proposal

Amidst the vibrant Friday evening atmosphere of the City Lights bookstory in San Francisco, Warren and Jenn embarked on a journey that would forever change their lives. We’re so grateful to have witnessed this beautiful moment!

Under the clever guise of attending a cooking class, Warren led Jenn through the urban bookstore. Little did she know that the pages of their story were about to be turned in the most extraordinary way. To lead into his bookstore surprise proposal, Warren had crafted a custom book to tell the story of their journey as a couple, and we had strategically placed it on a shelf, just next to the arch where he would propose.

With great anticipation, Jenn flipped through its pages, revealing a treasure trove of cherished memories that Warren had put together. As she finished, they stepped under a little archway, he knelt on one knee, and the whole bookstore paused as he uttered those four magical words and she nodded to seal their commitment.

Congratulations Warren and Jenn on your truly one-of-a-kind proposal story!