Deepan & Anitha’s Fort Funston Sunset Surprise Proposal

Over the course of the past several weeks, Deepan planned out his proposal to Anitha, and after considering several possible options, he decided on a Fort Funston sunset surprise proposal. Fort Funston, besides being situated on a strikingly beautiful stretch of cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is also a spot the two had frequently visited with their dog, so coming here for an evening walk was nothing out of the ordinary. Besides, the sunset view is unbeatable!

As the two approached, Anitha began to suspect something was a little different about this day… after all, they didn’t usually take walks on the sand dunes all nicely dressed up 😉 But as you’ll see below, Anitha was still elevated to being the happiest and luckiest girl in the world for that moment — once Deepan started to give his speech and presented the shiny new engagement ring, she was absolutely overcome with joy and excitement.

And to round it out, Deepan had arranged for several of their closest friends to show up immediately afterwards for a quick celebration. Check out a few of the highlights below!