Hardeep & Harleen’s Presidio Tree Tunnel Marriage Proposal

Although Hardeep and Harleen were already engaged to be married soon, he still wanted to treat her with a thoughtful surprise to start off their journey together: he would take her to a quiet, picturesque spot in San Francisco and ask her to marry him there. After all, a proposal is more about the expression of love and the promise of commitment than about technically getting engaged, and it was important to him that they share that special moment together.

Hardeep had actually considered a ton of different locations all around the city, and ended up deciding on Lovers’ Lane, which besides being aptly named, is a nice quiet tree tunnel in the Presidio perfectly suited for a morning walk. When they arrived, the entire place was empty, giving them a perfect opportunity to soak it in and enjoy each other’s presence.

Towards the end of the path, Hardeep got down on one knee, asked Harleen to marry him, and you can see the rest in the photos!