Tyler & Jasmine’s Lands End Trail Sunset Surprise Proposal

After dinner together on an unusually sunny August evening, Tyler brought his girlfriend Jasmine to the end of the Lands End Trail to watch the sunset. As they reached a cliffside viewpoint of the Golden Gate Bridge and the sea, Tyler started to recount how it was at this place that he first knew he loved her. After the initial surprise, Jasmine was lost for words (except for her very clear “yes!”), but no words were needed for the rest of this story… it was all cries of excitement and tears of happiness from that point on! Just check out the photos and watch the video 🙂

Oh, and while we were shooting this proposal, we remarked that this was probably the happiest moment we’d ever seen. After spending hours poring over the photos and video during the editing process, we can now definitively say that this was indeed the single most joyous occasion we’ve ever had the pleasure to witness, and we’re incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to capture it. Congrats to Tyler and Jasmine on a beautiful engagement!