David & Evelyn’s Romantic Row Boat Surprise Proposal

A romantic row boat surprise proposal is definitely one of the more unique proposal ideas we’ve seen, and David chose an absolutely picture-perfect setting at Stow Lake (especially with the stone arch bridge in the background!) for his proposal to his girlfriend Evelyn. Being on a rowboat is particularly perfect for a proposal because of its private and serene nature, as after all, there’s nobody else on the boat. And two thumbs up to David here because putting the boat in the perfect position like this isn’t easy — the boat will drift and spin on the lake, so this is harder than it looks!

But proposing on the lake wasn’t the end of this special morning. David had quietly arranged for some of their closest friends to hide in the boathouse for a second surprise. He brought Evelyn over, opened the door… and you can see the rest in the photos below.

Congrats David & Evelyn on always being in the same boat from now on! (Sorry David for stealing your pun!)