Will & Treecy’s Joaquin Miller Park Surprise Proposal

One day before this perfect Joaquin Miller Park surprise proposal, Will made up an excuse about getting a haircut (which was true… he did actually get a haircut!) so that he could take a walk in the redwoods and see in person that it was exactly the kind of place where his girlfriend Treecy would want to get engaged. And it was! He and I quickly hopped on a video call to talk about the space and the light, and we went over the whole game plan. He’d bring Treecy over under the guise of meeting some coworkers at the park, he’d stop to say a few words, and afterwards, family would come meet them for an additional surprise.

And that’s exactly what happened! Well, Will didn’t mention how cute their dog is, so that was a nice surprise for us 😛 We especially loved how excited the whole family was, and of course, how happy Treecy was to be engaged and to celebrate with everyone! Take a look at their story in the photos below!