Masashi & Jessica’s Surprise “Iced” Proposal by the Ocean

One month ago, Masashi and Jessica visited the spot here by the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, but they didn’t get to take a photo together… a struggle that we understand all too well as photographers, since one of us is always on the wrong side of the camera! (Or is it the right side? I digress…) After that, Masashi quietly got to work to plan the perfect surprise for Jessica, and of course, this time they’d have plenty of photos together.

Three friends were enlisted to help put together a simple but elegant setup with a few pillows, a bouquet, a bottle of champagne, and… a box with a Smirnoff Ice hidden inside. (Definitely the most elegant-looking Smirnoff-Ice-hiding box we’ve ever seen.) When they arrived at the spot, Masashi said a few sweet words and asked Jessica to marry him… then proceeded to “ice” her. It was a lot of fun capturing these moments between M&J and of their friends coming out of hiding to congratulate them afterwards. Check it out below!