Matt & Olivia’s Quiet Golden Gate Bridge Surprise Proposal

If I had to choose between popping the question under sunny weather on a crowded beach vs foggy weather with no one around, I’d pick the latter every time. (Well, ideally just one time, but you get the idea…) Matt & Olivia were in town for the Fourth of July, which has historically been the busiest, most crowded day in years past, and forecasts predicted even more sightseers this year. But luckily, the skies were just barely foggy enough to keep people away but not so much as to hinder the beautiful view at this beachy spot, giving Matt the stage for a perfectly quiet Golden Gate Bridge surprise proposal.

Matt did a superb job planning this trip too: Olivia had put together a list of places to go, so the trip was her plan, not his — making it a perfect time to surprise her with a ring! And although I don’t know whose idea it was, her burnt orange dress was the absolute perfect color for this scene. Guys, take note: if you get the chance to pick the color of your girlfriend’s dress for a foggy background, this here is the one 😀

Take a peek at a few of the photos here and just look at how happy they both are!