Kirill & Zoe’s Sunset Mt Davidson Surprise Proposal

After seven years and 300 proposals, we still haven’t even come close to discovering all the good spots in San Francisco — and exploring new places is one of the best parts of our job! Kirill introduced us to a new location recently, a lookout point at Mount Davidson that he had been to many times before, and we were very excited to hike up there for our first time. There’s a sweeping view of San Francisco, the downtown skyline, Sutro Tower, and even the Bay, and it’s a true hidden gem of San Francisco.

He decided that this would be the spot where he and his girlfriend Zoe would officially get engaged — and I think it was an absolutely perfect choice!

In addition to the stunning view that awaited them, Kirill had also arranged for a romantic little setup to be prepared, with photos of the two of them and light-up “marry me” letters outlined by candles arranged in a heart shape. As you might imagine, Zoe was absolutely ecstatic, and you can see it here in her reaction 🙂 Take a look at the photos of this perfect Mt Davidson surprise proposal below!