Brandon & Anna’s SF Surprise Proposal at Crane Cove Park

Brandon and Anna’s surprise proposal at Crane Cove Park was a unique one, to say the least. The spot he had chosen for this special moment is a quiet little cove right next to their apartment, and it’s one they had been to many, many times before, so she didn’t suspect a thing. When they arrived, it was like they had the entire space to themselves, and we got some lovely photos of the exciting moment as Brandon asked the question and Anna responded with “yes, of course!”

But there was one more surprise after she said yes: Brandon had secretly arranged (months in advance) for both sets of parents to show up right afterwards. Anna’s parents had quietly flown across the country to be there, and she was beyond delighted to see them. I’m really glad we got a video of this — check it out at the bottom!

Congrats Brandon & Anna!