Scarlet & Anthony’s San Francisco Wedding Portraits

This photo shoot has been a loooooong time in the making! We first met with Scarlet & Anthony at the end of 2019 — back in the Before Times when it was still normal to meet people face-to-face — and together we happily talked about their May 2020 wedding day. Well, we all know what 2020 brought us 🙁 So we rescheduled to September, because surely a pandemic couldn’t possibly last an entire summer… right? In the meantime, our couple couldn’t wait to get married and had their ceremony down in Santa Cruz, the only place nearby that was still offering in-person civil ceremonies, and we adjusted our plans to take them out for a day of San Francisco wedding portraits… which didn’t happen because as luck would have it, the apocalyptic 2020 wildfires arrived just in time to disrupt that, too.

But as the saying goes, the longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when it arrives, and that definitely rang true for us! We spent an entire afternoon/evening taking Scarlet and Anthony around to our favorite spots in San Francisco (many of which they had never been to, so we doubled as a tour guide :D) and taking a set of post-wedding portraits for them to hang up on their walls. We even got the full spectrum of San Francisco weather: sunny, windy, foggy, overcast, and at the very end, an explosion of color as the sky opened up at Sutro Baths for sunset.

It’s not often we get to spend nearly a whole day taking wedding portraits (on a wedding day, we usually have only have 20-30 mins), so it was pretty nice to be free of wedding-day timeline constraints and to be able to take our time to hit a bunch of the best spots for their set of photos. It’s now over a year past S&A’s original wedding date, but I think the resulting photos are well worth the wait. And without further ado, here are a few of our favorites!