Michael & Sam’s Marin Engagement Photos

Michael and Sam brought along their dog Goose for their engagement shoot. He’s super cute (I couldn’t stop kneading the rolls on his neck…) and was so happy to get out and go on a hike with his parents! You can also tell in a lot of these photos that he’s the one running the show, haha. We were able to fit a lot of variety into two hours: starting from Slackers Hill for a great view of San Francisco and the sunny sky, then heading over to the Marin Headlands and ending at Rodeo Beach for sunset. We were a little bit worried about the wind (it was super gusty), but that added an element of movement and drama to the photos that ended up making them extra fun to look at. Before we finished up near the end of our shoot, poor Goose got splashed by the cold ocean water and ended up becoming a puppy burrito wrapped up in a comfy blanket and pampered by mom and dad… which is perhaps what he wanted all along 🙂