Chen & Liz’s Legion of Honor Surprise Proposal

Most of the time, planning a proposal requires making up a believable, sometimes elaborate excuse to go out to a picturesque spot before popping the question. But not for Chen… Chen is two steps ahead of everyone else. It was his girlfriend Liz’s idea to go out for a girls’ photo shoot with her friends, and this gave him the perfect opportunity to set up a very special, very unique proposal for her. Here’s the story of Chen & Liz’s Legion of Honor surprise proposal.

On the afternoon of the proposal, Chen and a couple of his friends arrived with a few props: a bouquet of flowers, his guitar, and perhaps most importantly, a “janky jean jacket” — the one that Liz saw him wearing before their first date in the harsh New York winter, and which had become a running joke between them ever since.

When Liz showed up with her friends (who stayed back to watch and cheer of course), Chen started singing the song he had written for her. (It’s quite good, and now it’s completely stuck in my head… watch the video if you aren’t afraid of hearing Chen sing in your head for the next week.) Just before pulling out the ring and asking her to marry him, he put on that old jacket to make the moment extra special for the two of them.

Congrats Chen & Liz — yours is a proposal we’ll never forget!