Kevin & Alexa’s Half Moon Bay Surprise Proposal With Family

Kevin worked very hard to make this surprise a perfect one for Alexa: he arranged for both families, half of whom flew in from out of town, to arrive early at the spot, where we then directed them into hiding down on the beach. When he and Alexa arrived at the bluff, Kevin gave a short and sweet speech (after Alexa first called him out for “being weird” 😂 — see this super cute moment in the video below), then asked her to marry him.

After she (of course) said yes, we acted like we were posing them for some more photos, when in fact we were just keeping Alexa busy looking at us while we signaled the family to quietly walk up from behind for the second surprise. Lots of smiles were had, and all in all, this was a very special day.

Congrats to Kevin & Alexa, and check out the photos and video below!