Ashwin & Chai’s 5-year Proposalversary Photos

Five years ago, Chai and a few of her girlfriends walked over to the Lyon Street Steps for some afternoon tea. She thought her boyfriend Ashwin was at home halfway across the world in London, but in fact, he was walking up from the bottom of the steps, ready to surprise her with a marriage proposal… and the rest is history.

Now happily married as husband and wife, they decided to celebrate five years since she said yes by going back to the exact spot for some proposalversary photos. These two are so freakin’ adorable and endlessly in love that being with them made me feel like it was their proposal day all over again!

I hope proposalversaries become a thing — we’re always looking for excuses to see our couples again, and even though there were no hidden surprises this time, it was definitely one of our favorite shoots of the year. Here’s a few highlights 🙂