Camille & Leah’s Wedding at the Chapel of Our Lady

This might be our last blog post in a couple of months due to the coronavirus pandemic… but editing Leah & Camille’s wedding photos has really brought a smile to our eyes during an otherwise uncertain time. Their wedding day started off with a first look behind the Chapel of Our Lady in the Presidio, in a magical patch of woods with the most beautiful golden light streaming down on them. Following that, they had their ceremony and made their vows at the Chapel, with a reception at the Commissary.

I think what stood out to us the most is how full of energy, love, and excitement everyone was — bride & groom, family, and all of the guests — throughout the entire celebration, especially the reception. There were lively dances, wonderful speeches, and fun to be had all around.

This wedding was photographed in its entirety by our associate Cassie. When I went to pick up the memory cards from her after the reception, the first thing she said to me is that “he is soooooooo in love with her.” I think that just about sums it all up! Check out the photos below, and congrats to Camille and Leah!