Rudy & Erin’s Golden Gate Bridge Beach Engagement Photos

It was love at first sight for me. When he first stepped through that door, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. Yes, that’s right, this giant fluffball Benji is an absolute heart-stealer! Okay in all seriousness, Rudy and Erin are a really sweet couple. They’re both full of smiles and radiance, and we loved the energy we felt when we first met them. I think this sun-filled Golden Gate Bridge beach engagement shoot really shows their essence perfectly.

I love the way all of these photos turned out, but the one I can’t stop “awww”ing over is the one near the end where Rudy and Erin are facing each other and totally in their moment together, while Benji is looking at the ground all sad like “my parents haven’t paid attention to me in over 45 seconds!! :(”

We hope you, dear reader, enjoy these photos as much as we do. These three make the most adorable family and we can’t wait to see them at their wedding later this year!