Mike & Brittany: A Happy, Sunny Baker Beach Surprise Proposal

Mike’s proposal to Brittany was in a perfectly picturesque setting: on a sunny Baker Beach, just as the Golden Gate Bridge looked its best right at sunset. But our favorite part of this proposal was Brittany’s reaction. Right after Mike stood up after getting down on one knee, Brittany started listing out all the ways she knew it was coming: first, Mike had sent her a calendar invite for their Monday walk on the beach (this is starting to become a recurring theme for our proposals, haha), then, her friend the bad liar simply responding “huh.” when asked if Mike was planning a proposal, and finally, Mike stressing out over the Uber driver missing a turn on their way to the beach.

It was all in good fun of course; I’m not sure we’ve ever seen two people look happier than this. Mike even hid a bottle of champagne in his bag to appropriately celebrate afterwards!