James & Anne Marie’s Stow Lake Rowboat Surprise Proposal

James wanted to surprise his girlfriend Anne Marie with a marriage proposal in a special spot: on a Stow Lake rowboat, near the old stone arch bridge. As they slowly rowed towards the spot while feeding the ducks around them, we got into position — Annie on the shore nearby, David in a different rowboat (with our daughter on board to make it not look suspicious!) to get a second angle from the side — and watched as they approached. The proposal itself was super sweet, and you can see photos of that below… but that was only the beginning.

As they rowed back to shore, their friends were busy finishing setting up part two — a surprise engagement party! As James & Anne Marie entered the boathouse, they were greeted by a big group of their friends all ready to hug and congratulate them. Take a look at it all in the photos below 🙂