Frank & Rona’s Andy Goldworthy’s Wood Line Surprise Proposal

When Frank and I first chatted about his proposal plans, he mentioned wanting to do it somewhere quiet, preferably somewhere wooded since he knew his girlfriend of seven years, Rona, would appreciate it. After thinking through some options, he decided Andy Goldworthy’s Wood Line would be perfect for his surprise proposal.

When the time came, the two of them walked past us, and Frank paused to start asking the big question. Now, I like to stay far away during proposals, so I only heard a little bit of what they said — but next thing I knew, Rona had turned and ran 15 feet away from Frank and asked while pointing into his pocket, “WHAT IS THAT??”

Luckily, despite her initial reaction, Rona was obviously incredibly excited and happy that it was really happening. I rarely ever hear a “yes” during proposals, either because it gets lost in the excitement or I’d be shooting from too far away to hear. But we could hear Rona’s very solid, distinct “YES” from a hundred feet away!

This was far from our first time at the Wood Line, but it may have just been our most memorable. And the scene was more perfect than we could have imagined: under the perfect light, with the golden sun shining through the trees and spilling down on the path, was just one very happy couple all alone, enjoying their moment of a lifetime together. Congrats Frank & Rona!