Rodney & Madison’s Baker Beach Surprise Proposal

Rodney & Madison flew halfway across the country to San Francisco for their vacation, and he had managed to get her to believe that he wasn’t going to propose on this trip. Pretty well done, Rodney…

So as they strolled down Baker Beach, we followed far behind, stopping every once in a while to take photos of each other like the good little tourists-with-cameras that we were pretending to be. Shortly before proposing, Rodney asked if Annie could take a photo of them with his phone, and Madison was so nice that she actually apologized for him, thinking they were interrupting us from taking our own photos!

Oh, and it was a super cold day, but Rodney made sure to take both their jackets off just before proposing. It ended up being perfect for photos, and we love the pop of red!

Take a look below at the very sweet moments of this Baker Beach surprise proposal 🙂