Richard & Cheramie | Golden Gate Bridge Romantic Surprise Proposal and Private Sunset Dinner

Richard and I had talked a lot about his proposal plan and what was going to happen: he and Cheramie would hike to the top of Slackers Hill where I’d be waiting with my assistant, they’d have a few moments to themselves before he proposed, then we’d all try to race over to a romantic sunset dinner before, well, the sunset.

Oh, how I was caught off guard.

First, let me set the scene. Slackers Hill is that tallest hill of the Marin Headlands and is situated just behind Battery Spencer. It’s perfectly-positioned, offering stunning views in almost every direction. But on this day, it was even more amazing than usual, as there was thick fog rolling in over the hills to the west, and at the same time, a thin blanket of wispy fog enveloping parts of San Francisco under the golden sunset light.

After Richard and Cheramie explored Slackers Hill a bit and took their obligatory selfies, they walked over to the edge nearest the Golden Gate Bridge, and Richard dropped to one knee and pulled out… his phone, and started rapping. No, really. It was amazing. Judging from Cheramie’s reaction, I’d say she was surprised, amused, and very, very happy. When he finished, of course, he presented her with a shiny new ring and asked the question!

So then onto the next surprise (both for Cheramie, and for me, the photographer). We headed over to Battery Rathbone McIndoe, where dinner was waiting for them. I was expecting something nice, but not anything close to what actually had been prepared – not just a fancy dinner table, but also a wooden frame, string lights, and lanterns built around it… on a hill, on a cliffside overlooking San Francisco and the Bay inlet. I can’t even make up something more romantic. The multi-course meal was prepared at an impromptu kitchen set up at the base of the hill, out of sight but close enough for the chefs to easily deliver each course.

This was easily the most incredible dinner setup I had ever seen, and definitely one for the books. Richard, great work pulling this off quietly, and Cheramie, you’re so lucky to have a fiancé so thoughtful. Congrats to both of you!