Rudy & Sophie’s Surprise Proposal | Stanford Memorial Church

Rudy and Sophie’s story goes back several years to before Rudy was a student at Stanford. When Annie and I met Rudy a couple days before he proposed, he described Sophie as the special one who helped drive his current ambitions and gave him the motivation to pursue graduate studies at Stanford, so it was only appropriate that he proposed to her on campus. On the morning of the big day, he came by to drop off some roses and champagne with us, and we brought those to Stanford Memorial Church along with speakers to play his special request — Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross.

When Rudy and Sophie arrived at the Oval, she was blindfolded and he led her up the steps. Once we started playing the music, all the bystanders in the main quad turned to look and they all knew what was up! There was a pause of silence followed by loud cheering and applause. Congratulations to you two!