Kyle & Rachel’s Santa Cruz Panther Beach Surprise Proposal

I love it when couples get engaged at a personally meaningful spot… and doubly so if it’s at a beautiful location, like Kyle and Rachel’s Panther Beach surprise proposal! This is a special place that they used to frequent as a couple, and so it was the perfect choice for the location to mark that next phase in their lives together. And it was so quiet and empty on their big day too — they had the beach nearly entirely to themselves (and their two very cute dogs)! [ read more … ]

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Teryn & David’s Santa Cruz Wilder Ranch Engagement Photos

Here’s a couple whose engagement session we’d really been looking forward to. David & Teryn met, fell in love, and got engaged all in 2017 — and we knew from our engagement shoot that they’re absolutely crazy for each other! Teryn is one of the sweetest, most bubbly people we know, and David is just so warm and charming. It’s easy to see what a perfect match they are! [ read more … ]

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Beau & Sadie’s Monarch Cove Inn Wedding | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

On a gorgeous autumn day in Capitola, Beau and Sadie tied the knot at Monarch Cove Inn, the perfect venue for their intimate garden wedding by the ocean.

Sadie and Beau are big fans of Burning Man and they had made a group of super fun friends there. Beau used to carry a huge spoon to parties and would talk friends into drinking by saying, “It’s just a spoonful!” Sadly, that original big spoon eventually broke, so their friends got them a new gigantic spoon as a wedding gift and seeing everyone drinking out of the spoon was definitely a huge hit at their reception!! [ read more … ]

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Christian’s Surprise Proposal to Daena + Mini E-Session | Santa Cruz Engagement Photography

Christian proposed to Daena at the end of the pier at the Municipal Wharf in Santa Cruz and of course she said YES!! Before the exciting moment happened, we followed them around the boardwalk like two sneaky paparazzi!

Christian and Daena just moved to LA a few months ago, and lived in the Peninsula area before that. Christian picked the wharf because of their personal history here. He prepared a two-day “scavenger hunt” for Daena that included some little stories and clues to different spots in the area, led her to some of the boardwalk amusement park rides, and finally, took her to the wharf where he popped the question. Isn’t that sweet?!! He even hand folded all the clues into three different shapes! We ended this perfect proposal session with a killer sunset. Congrats Christian and Daena!!

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Carlos’s Marriage Proposal to Jazzmine | Shadowbrook Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer

Jazzmine said YES to Carlos’s proposal!! This was a such a special day for them — Carlos chose their 6th anniversary to pop the question! Isn’t that sweet?! And with the scenic view and a romantic foggy day on top of the hill, Shadowbrook was a perfect place for this exciting moment.

I arrived at Shadowbrook just as they opened to keep the little patio area clear. Luckily, it was very quiet and intimate so the proposal went very smoothly!

Congratulations Jazzmine and Carlos! Wish you two many happy days to come!!

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