Teryn & David | Santa Cruz Wilder Ranch Engagement Photos

Here’s a couple whose engagement session we’d really been looking forward to. David & Teryn met, fell in love, and got engaged all in 2017 — and we knew from our engagement shoot that they’re absolutely crazy for each other! Teryn is one of the sweetest, most bubbly people we know, and David is just so warm and charming. It’s easy to see what a perfect match they are!

It was our first time at Wilder Ranch, so we explored the area together and took photos all along the trail as we headed over to the cliffs. There were some fun spots along the way, including an old abandoned railroad track which we briefly stopped at for some cute walking photos. We got to the seaside cliffs in time for sunset, which was absolutely gorgeous that day… just like our perfect models who looked like they just came out of a magazine 🙂 It’s always a lot of fun for us when our couple is just sooooo in love and not afraid to show it, and the amazing light and background really sealed this session as one of our favorites.

We’re so excited that they found each other and are so happy together. We can’t wait to see how wonderful this new chapter in their lives will be!