Jaimie & David’s Fairview Napa Wedding Photos at Kennedy Park

Jaimie & David’s wedding at Fairview Napa was a wonderful event full of love, emotion, and fun. We started off with some photos of Jaimie getting ready and her mom helping with the dress [ read more … ]

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Lisa & Vince | Silverado Resort and Spa Napa Wedding

Lisa and Vince’s story began with three of their friends deciding to set the two up on a date. As recounted on their wedding website:

Erik sent Vince a picture of Lisa and asked if he would want to go on a date with her and Vince nervously agreed because she was so pretty. Lisa also agreed to a date, without seeing a picture of Vince.

I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out who wrote this part 😛 [ read more … ]

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