Laolu & Andrewnet’s SF Botanical Garden Surprise Proposal

Four years ago, Laolu and Andrewnet met at the SF Botanical Gardens for their first date, and last week, they returned again. But this time, there were a couple of photographers hiding behind some (literal) bushes for this momentous occasion.

Laolu had scouted the park a few days prior, and he decided the moon viewing garden, a wooden platform constructed atop a serene pond in the middle of the park, would be the place. When the big day came, while they made their way through the park, we quietly cleared out the area in preparation for their arrival. As they stepped onto the platform, the two took some selfies together, then Laolu took out the ring box that he had been hiding in his backpack. We absolutely loved all of Andrewnet’s happy emotional expressions — we could almost hear her joy with our eyes! — and you can see the story in pictures below.

Congrats to the beautiful couple!