Ryan & Anjali’s San Francisco Landmark Surprise Proposal

Using an event later that night as a convenient excuse, Ryan brought his girlfriend Anjali to the Palace of Fine Arts — one of the most iconic and beautiful San Francisco landmarks — for a sunset walk around the pond. As they stopped to take in the view, he asked her to face the rotunda for a photo, and at that moment he dropped to one knee behind her.

Anjali had no idea this was going to happen, but the moment Ryan asked her to look at the rotunda, it hit her. As she turned to face away from Ryan, she acutely listened to the rustling of the grass and the sounds of him getting down on one knee, anticipating what she would see when she turned around. And when she did turn around, there he was, asking the question with the ring out!

We loved their color coordination and the very winter-y outfits, and even at the end of December we managed to catch a bit of fall foliage as we walked around afterwards for some more photos. Congrats to Ryan and Anjali on an amazing proposal!