Andrew & Karis’s Pillar Point Bluff Surprise Proposal

As Karis walked down the cliffside trail in Half Moon Bay with her parents and sister, she wondered what awaited her at the end of the path. Was it just a nice sunset view — or could today be the big day? Her family played it perfectly, making it seem like just a casual family walk by the ocean. Meanwhile, Andrew had secretly flown in for the occasion and arrived there early, planted signs with photos of their past into the ground near where he would propose, and even prepared a bag of mandarins for Karis as a symbol of their relationship. As the minutes ticked by, we could feel Andrew’s anxiety and anticipation reach a peak as he waited for his love to round the corner.

When Karis finally arrived, she was of course overjoyed at what she saw — the first being, of course, Andrew with his outstretched arms. Together, they enjoyed looking through their photos and reliving their past memories and experiences before stepping to a beautiful cliffside view where they would then take the metaphorical leap into the next chapter of their lives. After a short speech, Andrew got down on one knee, asked for Karis to marry him, and then the entire family joined in to celebrate as the evening sun set over the ocean waves.

Congrats to Andrew & Karis on an amazing Pillar Point Bluff surprise proposal!