Adeeb & Halley’s SFMOMA Surprise Proposal

Love has a beautiful way of coming full circle, and for Adeeb and Halley, their journey began at the Yerba Buena Gardens in the heart of San Francisco. Little did they know during their first date that this picturesque park would later become the site of one of the most important moments of their lives — a surprise proposal filled with love, art, and modern elegance.

Fast forward to a quiet autumn morning, when Adeeb decided it was time to embark on the next step in their adventure. He and Halley walked over to the Gardens to a spot directly in front of the SFMOMA. Being modern art lovers (and sporting colorful attire that echoed this shared interest) this would be the perfect backdrop for the occasion.

As Adeeb gave his short speech, the passers-by around them froze to witness the moment, then erupted in cheering and applause when Halley said yes. Congrats to A&H on a beautiful proposal that — quite literally — swept Halley off her feet!