Trent & Amber’s Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay Sunset Proposal

Trent initially considered a lot of different potential locations, from wineries to the San Francisco coastline, but ultimately decided on a Half Moon Bay sunset proposal at the Ritz-Carlton. To keep it a surprise while making sure she was dressed up nicely for the occasion, he really went the extra mile by designing a two-page invitation to a company event at the Ritz-Carlton. We were impressed — and more importantly, it worked!

On the big day, Trent and Amber walked down the coastal trail just before sunset, arriving at the location like we had planned out well in advance. Amber walked a bit past the spot and saw the flowers and champagne we had hidden away for them, but Trent had already played the story so well that even when she saw the items, she just assumed they were for someone else.

Of course, it all changed just a few seconds later… take a look below! Huge congrats to Trent and Amber!