Kyan & Camille’s SF Golden Gate Bridge Beach Proposal

Kyan and I had been planning his proposal to Camille for months, but a few weeks ago, he got a very convenient curveball thrown into his plans: Camille’s friend, a photographer in SoCal, needed some photos for her portfolio and asked them to pose for a staged proposal. Though it could have been a prime opportunity for his real proposal, Kyan stuck to his plan to do it in San Francisco. Perhaps this threw Camille off a little bit — or at least it kept her on her toes — because when they visited NorCal together and took a walk down to the beach together, she was definitely not expecting an SF Golden Gate Bridge beach proposal. Her genuine surprise and heartfelt emotions were amazing to witness. I’m super excited for Kyan and Camille and am glad to have been there to capture this moment for them!