Jim & Shelly’s Lands End Surprise Proposal with Seagulls

Flying in from the east coast, Jim had a big goal for their trip to San Francisco: this was going to be when he and Shelly would officially get engaged. After doing his homework on where to pop the question, he found that he absolutely loved Sutro Baths and knew that she would too. Over the following weeks, we worked with him on how to set up a picture-perfect Lands End surprise proposal.

On the big day, Jim and Shelly arrived at Sutro Baths. The path there is quite narrow and the drop-off is steep, and Shelly really did not want to keep going. Jim (with the help of a “stranger”) eventually convinced her to begrudgingly follow him, and once they were at the spot, he waited for her to look the other way and then got down on one knee.

Not having anticipated a proposal that day, she was wearing her purse and a thick black jacket (as is appropriate for the chilly oceanside here), and as soon as she saw what was happening, Shelly’s emotions quickly changed. Almost jumping in excitement, she quickly tossed everything — purse, jacket, glasses, and whatever loose items she had on her — onto the ground and flipped her hair back, all in the span of maybe five seconds. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast!

Please join us, and the dozens of seagulls that flew by, in congratulating J&S on their engagement!