Dillon & Amia’s Ritz-Carlton Beach Surprise Proposal

Using his parents’ (real!) anniversary celebration as an excuse, Dillon brought his girlfriend Amia to Half Moon Bay and down onto the Ritz-Carlton beach for a short walk, and ultimately, a surprise proposal. As I found out afterwards, Dillon had diligently studied many, many proposals on this website like a textbook so that he could make sure they would be positioned perfectly for the best shot — and he did just that! Future proposers-to-be wandering this website, take a look: D&A are facing each other, shoreline along the left, cliffs and hotel in full view in the background, with both expressions visible… my cameras couldn’t have loved this scene more.

After sharing a little laugh about Amia being too overwhelmed and initially forgetting to actually say yes, the two headed back up top where family was waiting to congratulate them and share in their excitement together.

I had a lot of fun capturing these moments and am excited to share a few highlights!