Jason & Erin’s Golden Gate Bridge Sunset Hour Surprise Proposal

This proposal will go down in our books — and memories — as one of our most special, one that we’ll be remembering fondly for many years to come. Jason had prepared a special scrapbook of photos to give to Erin to recap their journey thus far, and also to symbolize the (literal) new page they’d be adding to their story that day. He managed to get her up the trek to the top of Slacker Hill without giving away the surprise, and the book was waiting for them, carefully positioned at just the right spot. They took a few moments to flip through the book together, and as you can see below, she was absolutely ecstatic when he asked the question. We shot for the rest of the sunset hour up in these hills, and there was so much laughter and joy flowing out of both of them that the time seemed to pass by in a flash. They just could not hold in the smiles and snuggles anytime they looked at each other! Can you believe these portraits (and this is only a fraction of them) were all captured in the span of half an hour?

Congrats to E&J, and take a look below at the most beautiful couple under the most colorful sunset sky!