Navesh & Nidhi’s Drone Delivery Engagement Proposal

Sutro Baths is, for stunningly obvious reasons, a very popular location for photos, and it’s not uncommon for us to shoot proposals here either. But Navesh put a very unique spin (ha ha) on it: he had the ring airdropped to him by drone delivery! Before Nidhi and him arrived, we met up with a couple of his friends (Anjali & Pad) who hid themselves in the ruins and got ready to fly the drone with the ring attached. Don’t worry — they practiced this for hours and hours the day before to ensure there wouldn’t be any mishaps. (They even cleaned up the pool to make sure the reflection would look good!)

Navesh and Nidhi sat in front of the ocean and enjoyed the sunset for a few minutes, when the drone appeared as planned. Navesh got up to untie the ring, asked Nidhi to marry him, and the rest is history. And all of this happened in front of the most beautiful sunset at a one-of-a-kind location. Congrats N&N!