Alvin & Priya’s Viansa Sonoma Wedding

Like so many couples of the modern era, Alvin and Priya first met online. But as a couple, they very much enjoy exploring San Francisco and beyond offline, urban and nature alike (see their Mt. Tam engagement photos!). After a year and a half of planning, their Viansa Sonoma wedding had a beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the hills of wine country, followed by a reception that was packed with fun and celebration. Their day was one filled with love and romance!

Let’s back up a moment, though. In the morning, Alvin and Priya got together at separate Airbnbs. Alvin & the guys relaxed a bit, hung out, and enjoyed some downtime while Priya & the girls prettied up, had a quick gift exchange, and got ready for the events to come. Priya also had a first look with her dad, which was a really cute moment. It always gets us when dad tears up 🙂

At Viansa, it was a pretty hot day, and this was made very clear to us by their adorable fluffy dog Tate who really, really wanted to sit in the shade rather than be in the sun with his parents. (You’ll see this below; it’s one of our favorite photos of the day.) The whole day was a lot of fun for us. From the eye candy of our beautiful bride & groom and everyone dressed up in such a beautiful setting, to their well-written ceremony and vows, and all the impromptu happenings on the dance floor like the surprise chair dance as we were leaving, it was moment after wonderful moment for our cameras to take in. We’re really excited to share some of the highlights of this day.

Congrats Priya & Alvin!