Alvin & Priya’s Fall Mt. Tam Engagement Photos

One of our favorite things to do for engagement shoots is to explore new places with our couples. Mt. Tam isn’t exactly a new spot for us per se, but it’s also not somewhere we visit often, making every trip there a treat. On the day of the shoot, the weather was looking pretty iffy… but it ended up working out absolutely beautifully. Alvin and Priya completely rocked it. I don’t know how anyone can keep such genuine smiles from start to finish (my face gets stiff after like 10 minutes) — and not just while the shutters were clicking, but also during all the in-between downtime too. I loved how A&P were just having fun snuggling and enjoying each other’s company!

Check out a few of our favorites from their fall Mt. Tam engagement photos below. We’re so excited for the wedding next year!