Oneek & Christine’s Surprise Engagement at Ina Coolbrith Park

Oneek and Christine had already started talking about marriage prior to this day… but of course, the proposal is still a special moment that can’t be overlooked! Oneek planned his surprise engagement at Ina Coolbrith Park and the subsequent dinner celebration to coincide with when some friends would be in town, making this effectively two surprises in one. They arrived at the park with Christine’s best friend, who very smoothly ninja’ed away just before Oneek and Christine stopped to enjoy the view and for him to give his speech. (I still don’t know where she went… the park doesn’t really have any hidden paths to slink off to!)

Christine said yes of course (in between a few happy tears), and while Annie was taking portraits for the two of them, David quietly headed down some stairs to fetch the group of friends who had been hiding and were eagerly waiting for their time to come up and congratulate the newly-engaged couple. Check out a few of the photos below — it was all quite an exciting and fun afternoon!