Wiley & Leighy’s Marin Headlands Surprise Proposal

The hills of Marin are some of the most scenic places in the Bay Area, or really possibly anywhere. The area is certainly my personal favorite for a good view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, and not only that, but certain spots can be very private and secluded. For these reasons, Wiley decided on a Marin Headlands surprise proposal, and specifically, at the top of Slacker Hill. When he hiked up with his girlfriend Leighy, they were the only people around for miles… well, aside from yours truly playing the part of random hikers taking photos of the sunset. (Leighy was so nice, she was actually worried that she and Wiley were getting into our photos! Which technically was true I suppose…)

After enjoying the sunset together for a while, Wiley delivered his well-planned speech. At the end of it, he got down on one knee and asked the question which I’m sure Leighy was, by that time, eagerly awaiting.

She said yes!