Oliver & Kiersten’s Lands End Lookout Surprise Proposal

We absolutely adore the story and thought behind Oliver and Kiersten’s surprise proposal. She had mentioned to him in the past that she wanted it to happen somewhere private, away from people. After considering several locations, Oliver decided on the Lands End Lookout largely for this reason, but also because it’s just a great spot in general, with a scenic view of the California coastline and the Golden Gate Bridge off in the distance. It even has a big heart shape on the ground, which is a cute touch for a proposal!

Even more special was a little gift that Oliver had prepared. Penguins are a favorite of Kiersten’s, and a custom among penguins is for the male to give a smooth pebble to his partner as a gift during courtship. Oliver had secretly brought along a polished rock with two penguins holding hands engraved on it — super cute!

Congrats to this happy couple, and scroll down to see some photos of their Lands End Lookout surprise proposal!