Jenny & Kelly’s Sutro Baths Colorful Sunset Engagement Photos

This is an engagement shoot that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon — and neither will Jenny & Kelly, I’m sure. It was a coooold day with 20+mph ocean winds, and even with the jacket that Jenny put on to warm up between shots, it’s a wonder nobody turned into a popsicle! It’s actually hard to describe just how crazy the wind was; when Jenny and Kelly arrived and parked at the top of Sutro Baths, they found us crouched at the base of a bush in the corner of the parking lot, trying to hide from the wind for just a few seconds longer…

The result, however, was a set of very colorful sunset engagement photos that paradoxically look very warm and sunny. A great thing about photography is that neither cold nor wind show up on camera sensors — they’re invisible! But wind does add movement and life to photos, and while yes, it can create a lot of photos with scrambled hair, we also end up with a lot of dynamic, lively shots. It certainly helped that Jenny and Kelly chose perfect outfits, especially Jenny’s dress: both its color under the golden sunset as well as how it flowed in the wind were just flawless.

In the end, memories of the cold will fade, but the photos won’t. J&K, thanks for braving the weather with us, and we can’t wait for your Napa wedding which will probably have all the color and none of the wind 🙂