Henrique & Hannah’s SF City Hall Civil Ceremony

Henrique is a former coworker of mine from a past life. He was that cheerful and helpful teammate you could always count on if you needed a favor, and as it happens, one day, someone who didn’t know his name came by looking for the “friendly bearded guy” … and from that day on, the name stuck with him for its accuracy and conciseness. Fast-forward a few years, and our friendly bearded guy found his other half in Hannah (who is similarly friendly but lacks the beard), got engaged in New York, and moved back to San Francisco together to embark on the next chapter of their lives. They were joined by family flying in from Korea and Brazil for their SF City Hall civil ceremony which, while short and sweet, was also a very emotional moment (yes Henrique, we saw you trying to hold back those tears with mixed success) and totally full of love.

Afterwards, to add a bit of variety into their wedding photos, we hopped into our cars for a couple of quick shots at Potrero Hill. We’re overjoyed and honored to have been a part of their wedding day and to witness this union. Congrats Henrique and Hannah!