Xander & Andrea’s San Francisco City Skyline Sunset Proposal

Since first meeting in San Francisco, Xander and Andrea have both enjoyed exploring the great Bay Area outdoors together, and one place in particular that had been on their list to visit was Slackers Hill. So on the Saturday of Valentine’s Day weekend, Xander had a whole day planned for Andrea: they’d start in the North Bay, then relax in Sausalito while he’d wait for the timing to be just right, and finally they’d hike up Slackers Hill right during the golden hour. And as you can see below, the plan went off without a hitch!

This is one of my favorite places in the Bay Area (just look at that SF city skyline view!), and I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate place for an outdoorsy SF couple to memorialize their relationship. Congratulations to X&A on the engagement, and for a very memorable sunset proposal!