Jet & Madison’s Russian Hill Surprise Proposal

Being from out of town, Jet had to coordinate quite a few moving pieces for his SF surprise proposal, but he was incredibly organized and determined to make this a perfect experience for his girlfriend Madison. And it was absolutely perfect, every little detail of it.

Several weeks before the big day, he actually flew in to San Francisco just to check out the Russian Hill proposal location in advance and to meet with me and talk about the plan. In the meantime, he had secretly been working with Madison’s sister to gently glean some details about the kind of ring she preferred — as Madison would recount, her sister was so subtle that she made Madison feel like she was the one who wanted to talk about it — and quietly had a ring made and shipped to their hotel in SF. Even so, it still came down to the wire: the ring arrived in a huge box (of size: “extra surprise revealing large”), and Jet had to quietly run off to a local jeweler on the day of the proposal to pick up a more discreet box.

In the end though, everything worked out perfectly, and as you can see in these photos, Madison is one happy (and lucky!) gal. We’re incredibly happy for them and are excited that San Francisco will forever be an even more special place of theirs!