Ishan & Sweety’s Scrapbook Surprise Proposal

It’s the little details that really make a proposal special. Yes, Slackers Hill is a beautiful location (and perhaps my favorite view in the Bay Area), but personally, my favorite part of Ishan’s proposal to Sweety was the scrapbook and the meaning behind it. Originally a gift from her, they had filled it with memories over the years, and as a surprise to Sweety, Ishan put the big question on the last page for her to find on this special afternoon. (Wisely, he did so just hours before the proposal — can’t risk her stumbling across it too early!)

After making the hike up to the top, the two flipped through the scrapbook together, and then Ishan took the ring out of his pocket for the actual proposal. Afterwards, they enjoyed a nice bottle of champagne and their first sunset as an engaged couple! Congrats to Ishan and Sweety on a very unique scrapbook surprise proposal 🙂