Rudy & Erin’s Wedding at The Highlands Estate

This wedding has been quite a long time in the making! Rudy and Erin had been planning it for nearly two years (thanks, pandemic!), and their wedding at The Highlands Estate finally came to life last month. Rudy and Erin, along with their fluffy baby Benji and the rest of the gang, celebrated their marriage at the most beautiful venue, with the most colorful autumn scenery in the background.

I just have to say a few words about Benji: he was so cute the whole day, posing in photos for us, sitting at the front for the ceremony (and making excited whining sounds to cheer his parents on), trying to jump up on the newlyweds for a high-five (high-ten?) after their first kiss, and just being adorable the whole day. Rudy shared a funny story about how he included Benji in his proposal to Erin, and Benji pooped right before. Sadly we weren’t there to capture that moment, but we do have a bunch of very cute engagement photos with the three of them!

For us, the biggest highlight of this wedding was how happy yet emotional it all felt. The first look is often one of the most powerful moments that we capture, and that was no exception here. You can see just how in love Rudy is with his bride, how all the anticipation and excitement really built up in this moment. It really set the tone for the rest of the wedding day, and we loved capturing the dynamic between them.

Check out some of the highlights below, and congrats to Rudy and Erin (and Benji)!