Gurbaksh & Rubina’s Surprise Engagement Proposal

This was a very unique proposal for a very special duo. Gurbaksh and Rubina — quite the power couple, each very well-known in their respective realms — were visiting from abroad, and he had secretly planned on proposing to his love during that trip. In order to play along with the ruse, we started by assuming the role of a marketing agency, explaining that we were taking photos of them for the Ritz-Carlton’s promotional materials. We met up with G+R at the hotel, taking photos as we slowly made our way down to the beach. After reaching an area on the bluffs overlooking the beach and ocean, we stepped back so that Gurbaksh could have a private moment and pop the question.

In his own words to her:

When you came into my life, I was pretty broken. And it takes a special woman to really pick up every piece. Step by step, you took every piece and put it together. And when that happens, a man can only wish for one thing… actually, two things: the day he can call that woman his wife and the mother of his children. Miss Rubina Bajwa, will you marry me?

I bet you can guess what she said!

Before the proposal, Rubina (being the actress she is) was in work mode: acutely aware of the camera, posing perfectly for every frame, producing lots of photos perfectly suited for the ad campaign that we were supposedly producing. But we loved how as soon as she knew it was just a ruse, she immediately relaxed, forgot about the camera, and had only a singular thought on her mind: her new fiancé. And that’s when we really started having fun capturing all the true emotions and excitement 🙂

Check out these highlights from Gurbaksh and Rubina’s surprise engagement as well as a few of the fun photos we took afterwards!