Alex & Zoe’s Half Moon Bay Oceano Hotel Wedding

Back at the end of 2019 when the world was still going about business as usual, we met Zoe and Alex in Half Moon Bay for their engagement photos, which remain some of our absolute favorites. As fate would have it, the pandemic shut the entire country down shortly afterwards… but unlike many of our other couples, Zoe & Alex managed to plan their Oceano Hotel wedding around the pandemic, presciently choosing a wedding date that landed just as restrictions ended up lifting due to the coronavirus being in full retreat. In hindsight, perhaps making an accurate prediction should have been expected for this pair of very smart doctors 🙂

This was the first “big” wedding we’ve had since 2019, and we’ve almost forgotten what they’re like — energetic, exciting, emotional — yet at the same time, Zoe & Alex’s wedding also had all the intimacy and character that we’ve really enjoyed seeing in smaller weddings. We loved all of the personal flavor in their wedding, from the speeches that were so good and the story of how they met before really meeting, to cute little details like their signature cocktail “The Mello: a little sweet and a little spicy — just like the dog!”

We’re so grateful to have been a part of Alex and Zoe’s celebration and are super excited to share some of the highlights of the day!